Digitale Auszeit für Entertainment For The Braindead

Entertainment For The Braindead takes a little break from the internet.

Julia Kotowski alias Entertainment For The Braindead zieht sich vorübergehend aus dem Internet zurück und schreibt dazu bei Aaahh-Records:

Dear folks,

please excuse my sudden radical disappearance. It occurred to me that there are times in life when it’s best not to have a plan, not to know where to go next, not to be bound to anything – which is why it felt good to cut loose from eftb for now.

And it’s also why I can’t really predict anything right now. Sure I will keep making music somehow, there’s a still growing amount of gigs on my schedule (offers are welcome) and lots of half-finished projects on my harddrive that I am currently working on and will hopefully finish in near future…
Maybe I’ll be back in two weeks. Maybe in three months. Maybe I will vanish into thin air. (Well, not very likely.) But the nice thing is not to know.

Meanwhile, have a good start for an even better 2011!

PS: Here’s a small song fresh from the studio, not much more than a sketch yet, a skeleton. What I can tell so far: This year’s new love is the bandola. (Sounds like a guitar, but is way cooler!)

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Entertainment Fot The Braindead – One Moment

Ihre Accounts bei Twitter, Facebook, Bandcamp, YouTube und Myspace sind gelöscht. Hoffentlich ist Julia bald zurück.

(via Thomas Raukamp)

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